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Twisty Mystery: Ancient Underground German Tunnels

At least 700 cramped, mysterious tunnel systems exist beneath urban and rural Germany with many more in the rest of Europe - but what were they for?

Bountiful Books: 13 Incredibly Intricate Historic Libraries

All the beauty of historic churches, but filled to the ceiling with books: these 13 libraries from Iowa to Prague dazzle with classic architectural details.

Pie in the Sky? Not in Dubai! 8 Mind-Blowing Projects

Lavish wealth and a willing-to-do-anything attitude has brought fame to Dubai. With these awesome projects in the works, Dubai's fame is well-deserved.

Crafty to Crazy: 13 Contemporary Cafes & Coffee Shops

Stop in to any of these 13 design-oriented cafes around the world and you might just forget about food and beverages altogether, wowed by the interior decor.

Organic Glamour? Chic Restaurant Design Gone Wild

A hip nightclub in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood draws inspiration from the wild and quirky fashions seen in the streets as well as from organic forms in ...

Brew with a View: 13 of the World’s Coolest Rooftop Bars

Gaze at some of the world's most iconic skylines while enjoying a premium cocktail, a tasty canape or a film at these 13 rooftop bars, restaurants and cinemas.

14 Strange, Stylish & Amazing Hotels of Great Britain

Gypsy wagons, lighthouses, castles and exclusive high-fashion boutique hotels - the United Kingdom has it all, from the strange to the stunning.

All Azure: The Monochromatic City of Chefchaoen, Morocco

Take a stroll through the city of Chefchaoen, Morocco, and you won't see much of anything that isn't painted blue, from walls and balcony rails to flower pots.

Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps

These 15 artists cut, sculpt and rearrange paper maps, create their own from unexpected materials like money or use them to illustrate interesting data.

Modern Metro: 14 of the World’s Coolest Subway Stations

These 14 subway stations aren't dark and dank, they're bright and modern, filled with murals, chandeliers, colorful accents and unexpected materials.

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