Jump in and take incredible visual tour of the best of WebUrbanist, from alternative forms of graffiti to amazing green designs and awe-inspiring abandoned places from around the world.

Collection 1: Alternative Street Art and Graffiti


20 Light Graffiti Artists and Photographers: Light graffiti is a unique art that takes many forms, from comic and creative to refined and deliberate. These light graffiti artists span the spectrum and use a wide range of tools to create art that can only be captured in the right time and place via photography, itself a difficult art.


3D Graffiti, Sidewalk Chalk Art and Street Painting: Rendering something in two dimensions to appear three dimensional is a difficult art alone – but all the more amazing for the scale at which these 3D artists produce it. They work in varying degrees of realism and with a variety of materials but are all profoundly impressive.


42 Works of Geek, Temporary and Reverse Graffiti: As influences would have it, many graffiti artists have gone hi-tech and many geeks have gotten into graffiti. Here are some of the more fascinating results of this cross-pollination and unlikely alliance between two ordinarily quite different subcultural groups.


Banksy Art and Graffiti: The Ultimate Guide: Almost certainly the most (in)famous street artist in the world, Banksy has influenced a generation of graffiti art in a way few people could have in the age before the internet. His works are well known but his history is not. This guide gives you all the information there is on Banksy.

Collection 2: Green Design Past, Present & Future


42 Fantastic Prefab Buildings and Flat-Pack Furniture Designs: With today’s technology we can build virtually anything, so the questions become about where, what and how to build. Prefabrication and flat packing techniques challenge designers to factor efficiency, cost and sustainability in from the start. Far from being boring boxes the results are much more frequently innovative andaesthetically amazing.


24 Creative Contemporary Works Green Art, Architecture and Design: Green art isn’t just about sustainability anymore – it can mean virtually anything depending upon your definition. This collection features works of alternative green art and technology which may not fit in a conventional box when it comes to being green.


20 Brilliant Adaptive Reuse Projects and Recycled Buildings: Prefab is a great way to bring a new building to life but what do we do when their life cycle appears to be complete? In many cases, everything from structures to entire complexes of buildings can be built out of recycled materials – or themselves entirely recycled into something new and amazing when their previous use has expired.


24 Fantastic Future Wonders of Green Architecture and Design: Prefab and recycled architecture deal well with the present and past of the built environment, but what about the future of green design and technology? These not-yet-built structures give us a glimpse of the future directions of sustainable innovation – and the future looks bright, bizarre and brilliant.

Collection 3: Haunting Images of Abandoned Places


24 Ghost Towns and Abandoned Cities: There is something hauntingly fascinated about abandoned buildings and spaces – but perhaps even more interesting are deserted towns and cities. The natural and man-made forces that drive an entire population from a place are often as fascinating as what they leave behind. Here are twenty-four stories of abandoned towns and cities from around the world.


24 Abandoned Buildings and Deserted Structures: At the heart of urban exploration remains building infiltration. While it may be hard to find abandoned cities and vehicles there are deserted buildings in virtually every city and many rural counties as well. This image gallery features photos and stories of abandoned buildings from homes, stores, malls and churches to prisons, factories, hotels and hospitals.


24 Abandoned Buildings and Places in HDR: The use of HDR and tone-mapping techniques is a clever way to enhance the colors and contrasts of reality when taken to the extreme but used more subtly these approaches can bring images to an online viewer much as the photographer sees them. From a number of skilled HDR photographers this gallery features eerie abandoned places shot in HDR.


24 Abandoned Vehicles and Deserted Transit Structures: There is something strange about abandoned vehicles. It always seems like they could be put to another use and yet they are often left to rust and decay. This image gallery features photographs of everything from deserted cars, trucks and boats to trains, airplanes and ships left to rust, gather dust and blend into the environment around them.

Bonus: 100 Converted Cargo Shipping Container Projects

30 Converted Cargo Container Houses & Homes

20 Shipping Container Cities, Condos & Emergency Shelters

30 Cargo Container Offices, Stores & Businesses

20 Shipping Container Schools & Community Centers