Archived Articles: October, 2007

Urban Legends of Halloweens Past: Fright, Fact & Fiction

They say that fact is stranger than fiction, and in urban centers on Halloween this is especially the case - stay tuned for strange and scary stories.

7 Island Wonders of the World: Most Remote & Mysterious

Did you know that one in every ten people in the world lives on an island? Here are some of the remotest, least inhabited, strangest and scariest islands in ...

Crafty Urban Camouflage: Soda Machines to Fire Hydrants

Whether they be viewed as polemical or pragmatic, this latest in the tradition of creative urban camouflage is at least entertaining and arguably even ...

5 Recycled Buildings Made from Bottles, Cans, Bales & Tires

Some creative people either out of need or personal interest have taken the notion of recycling to the next level, transforming old stuff into new structures.

Giants in the Streets: Urban Street Images in Macro-Scale

These amazing photographs depict scale in a curious way. What do they mean? What is the artist attempting to accomplish? That we will leave to you to speculate ...

Little People of London: Miniature Urban Street Art Images

Wonderfully creative urban street art. These photographs, taken around town in London and even shown in galleries, are just a small portion of the work.

Buried Cities: 7 (More!) Underground Wonders of the World

Humans burrow into the Earth out of anything from necessity to superstition, driven by coincidence or coerced by circumstance.

Burning Man 2007: Tragedy, Controversy & Sustainability

The dust has finally settled in the Black Rock Desert, both literally and otherwise, leaving at least one death and many other contentious issues in its wake.

3D Architectural Illusions: 12 Paintings, Murals & Mosaics

Inside a home, on the outside of a building or even in a swimming pool, the illusion of 3D can transform a space, giving the appearance of depth, texture and ...

Signs of Our Times: Social & Political Culture Jamming

However, refection on life is a prerequisite for living, and the cultural, political and commercial symbols of our times are well worth rethinking on a regular ...

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