Archived Articles: February, 2012

Modern-Day Sky Castles: 7 Cool Converted Watertower Houses

What happens to old water towers when they no longer serve their original purpose? Some architects take the creative route by turning them into residences.

Moments in Time: Tiny Figures Balanced on Watch Hands

Designer Dominic Wilcox balances miniature human figures on watch hands in the incredible series, 'Moments in Time', which highlights themes like surveillance.

Interactive Urbanism: 5 Simple Street Art Projects

These five street art projects, including 'Before I Die', invite participants to alter, comment upon or ponder their urban surroundings in new ways.

Space Warps: 15 Buildings that Bend, Wrap & Curve

These 15 buildings break out of the rectilinear norm with organically shaped walls and ceilings that call to mind caverns, cocoons, honeycombs and waves.

25 Leap Day Posters to Make You Jump for Joy!

What's a Leap Year without a Leap Day? Let's celebrate this quirky quadrennial event by displaying a quarter of a hundred cool & creative Leap Day posters!

Brush with Death: Street Art Comes Alive (and Attacks!)

Great street art can seem to jump right off of the wall at you. In this short film from Corridor Digital, the art really does come to life...and it's not nice.

Ultimate Modular Sofa Fits in Endless Configurations

Multi-functional, multi-configuration, multi-shaped sofas can be manipulated to the heart's content and pulled into seemingly endless configurations.

Powerful Art: 34 Superhero Artworks With Power To Move You

Superhero art is no longer confined to comic books and graphic novels. Breaking free from their two dimensional boundaries, superheroes are now in galleries.

Nine Eyes of Google: Street View’s Strangest Images

From the scenes shot by the nine lenses of Google's Street View cameras, artist Jon Rafman gathers the strange, the beautiful, the haunting and the poignant.

Red Bull Music Academy: Vibrant, Lush Temporary Space

Set up in a warehouse in Madrid, the Red Bull Music Academy is a temporary village for musicians that is comfortable and functional, yet easy to dismantle.

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