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Spooks or Spooked? 10 Frightening Conspiracy Theories

Secret-societies rule the world, Elvis is still alive and working down at the Piggly-Wiggly and giant lizards are in the White House.

10 Classic Images from the Golden Age of Advertising

From the day we are born to the day we die, for every waking hour, we are bombarded with advertisements.

Clasic Movie Posters: The Dark Allure of Film Noir

Film Noir is a cinematic term describing a certain type of movie. It's hard to pin down with precision as it's an instantly recognizable 'look' and 'mood'.

Flyby in Style: WWII and Korean War Aircraft Nose Art

Decorating military planes with nose art has been a largely American tradition since WWI. During WWII and the Korean War, nose art surged in popularity.

Camera Hands: Beautifully Realistic Portraits & Sketches

The photographed image isn't special anymore. Artists who capture realistic images in their sketches and paintings bring more to the table.

Amazing Artwork: Banksy Versus Bristol Museum Exhibition

The legendary and mysterious artist, Banksy, has taken over the Bristol Museum for a stunning summer showing: Banksy vs. Bristol Museum.

Funky Faucets: 14 Futuristic Faucet, Sink & Basin Designs

Modern design is taking over in homes with faucets featuring sleek curves, elegant edges and smart shapes.

Art of Speed: 30 Brilliant Vinyl Car Wrap Designs & Decals

The custom vinyl car wraps industry is relatively new and rapidly growing. It relies on wildly creative precision graphic design teams and skilled installers.

Lego Imitates Art: 25 Fabulous Recreations of Films & More

Aside from creating amazing original works of art, artists have also recreated famous artwork using Lego blocks.

Graffiti Artist Rooted in Hip-Hop: Meet the Signtologist

The Signtologist's niche in the art world is one of those "so simple I wish I had thought of it" ideas - he paints portraits on street signs.

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