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From classic ideas of city construction to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, these articles cover everything from landscape and new urbanism to forms not yet fully defined - click through to see the cities of our past, present and future.

Urban Algae Canopy Produces a Forest’s Worth of Oxygen Daily

Generating as much oxygen per day as 400,000 square feet of natural woodland, the Urban Algae Canopy combines architecture, biology and digital technology to ...

Buzzkill: 10 Sweet Abandoned Apiaries & Busted Beehives

Honey, I'm not home! These abandoned apiaries and busted beehives once dispensed sweet liquid gold but now lie deserted, de-pollenated and depopulated.

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Big Free Library: Public Pavilion Built of 50,000 Stacked Books

Stacked books form the structural columns of this remarkable structure while support beams in between serve as shelves for even more volumes that can be ...

Retrofuturistic Urbanism: 6 Cities as they Could Have Become

To people of 100 or even 50 years ago, the metropolises of today would look utterly foreign. Our elevated highways, massive airports, high population density ...

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Hole In None: 12 Abandoned Miniature Golf Courses

No ifs, no ands and above all no putts. These 12 abandoned miniature golf courses are as silent as the 18th at Augusta when the green jacket's on the line.

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Look Out! 12 Outstanding Observation Towers Worth Climbing

From Canal Street in New Orleans to a nature preserve in Latvia, these diverse observation towers look out over everything from bird sanctuaries to Formula One ...

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Deserted Aisles: 11 More Creepy Abandoned Supermarkets

Supermarkets? More like Stupor Markets, amiright? That's the case with these 11 abandoned supermarkets where “checkout” is more than a state of mind.

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Old New Jersey Factory to House Earth’s Largest Vertical Farm

Opening this year in Newark, this 69,000-square-foot space will grow 2 million pounds of pesticide-free produce each year, turning an old steel factory into ...

Luxury Retrofit: New 440-Square-Foot Condo Hidden in Old Garage

Boxed in on both sides, this once-homely little garage space is now a cozy high-end condo, its rusted white corrugated metal front replaced with a ...

Devil’s Slide: Deserted Bay Area WWII Bunker Hovers in Midair

Built on Devil’s Peak (along a promontory known as Devil’s Slide), this obsolete base end station was designed to spot, triangulate and radio in ...

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