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Waking, sleeping, recreating, loving and living, we spend so much time at home it seems a shame not to make your place of residence both functional and radical - the dwelling designs featured here will shock, amaze, intrigue and inspire you to rethink your housing situation and improve the spaces you inhabit.

Cool Million: Famous 420 Square Foot SoHo Condo for Sale

A multifunctional masterpiece built with crowd-sourced design ideas and a small-space vision by the founder of TreeHugger, this New York City apartment is now ...

The Way We Wore: 12 Clothesed & Abandoned Dry Cleaners

Martinize THIS! Factors such as cost, convenience and the creeping casualness of modern life have condemned countless dry cleaners to in-solvent-cy.

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Tree-Inspired Tower: Condo Balconies Unfurl Like Leaves

An iconic new mixed-use development in the heart of Montpellier in southern France, L’Arbre Blanc (The White Tree) grew out of a design concept tied to the ...

Facing Destruction: Entire City to Be Relocated 2 Miles Away

No hoax, it is happening  - 20,000 occupants of Kiruna, Sweden, are being forced to pull up stakes and relocate their entire urban center to avoid having it ...

Surrealist Disaster-Proof Structures for Dangerous Locations

Some spots are such beautiful potential locations for a home, yet repeated natural disasters make them inhospitable for all but the strongest and most durable ...

Cultural Center Carved Out of 42 Grain Silos in South Africa

An amazing hybrid of preservation and transformation, this project involves carving a series stunning spaces inside a huge series of concrete silos set ...

Urban Islet: Nordic Nature Retreat Floats in London Canal

Referencing rocky Nordic island sanctuaries, this platform is designed to provide a place to relax and observe local wildlife in the heart of a bustling city. ...

Crowdsourced City: 14 Citizen-Directed Urban Projects

When urban planners and developers want to know what businesses local residents would like in their neighborhoods, where to put new bike lanes, or specific ...

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5 Preservation Puzzles: Famous Architecture Facing Threats

This year alone we have learned that a Frank Lloyd Wright house must be moved 1,000 miles to protect it from floodwater, a Le Corbusier chapel has been ...

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Home Ice: 12 International Antarctic Research Stations

Constructing a research station in Antarctica means thinking outside the box-like building but not TOO far outside... Great Scott it's COLD out there!

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