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From food to art and history and architecture, traveling somewhere is one thing - experiencing that place is another. Skip the tourist stops and delve right into the local dive bar, kitsch cafe, modern culture, ancient ruins or other attraction to get a real sense of what it is like to live, breath, eat and sleep the history of a place.

Temporary Urban Coffee Farm Grows & Sells Bean Brew

A vibrant urban coffee farm and cafe made of pallets and shipping containers temporarily inhabits downtown Melbourne for the city's 2013 Food and Wine Festival.

Give Thanks for 5 Eye-Opening Black Friday Infographics

Black Friday will be bigger and earlier than ever this year. Here are 5 fresh infographics filled with facts about the annual post-holiday shopping event.

Material Worlds: All Their Possessions in Just One Picture

After a recent look at urban Europeans posing with all they own, this potent look at rural Asian families and their worldly possessions is nothing if not a ...

Bon Appetit: 14 Bizarre Foods That Will Make You Squirm

Most countries have their own quirky delicacies and by American standards, they can appear ghoulish. These are the most bizarre foods out there.

Faster, Higher, Stranger: 10 Tacky Olympic Souvenirs

The best Olympic souvenir? A medal, of course. Among the worst are these 10 tacky Olympic souvenirs that can't hold a candle to the proverbial lousy t-shirt.

Body Piercing And Modification: 17 Extreme Mods

Body modification is an ancient tradition in many cultures. Body mods are becoming increasingly complex and pushing the boundaries of technology and taboo.

Underwater Wonders: 15 Subversively Submersible Gatherings

Sword swallowing, pumpkin carving, cycling and meals encased in jelly (so they don't disintegrate) are just a few of the weirdest events ever held underwater.

Soused Pacific: 15 Terrific Ceramic Vintage Tiki Mugs

We're gonna party like it's 1959! Classic ceramic mugs celebrating the South Pacific Tiki have added punch to pop culture from Waikiki to Wachee Weeki.

Bountiful Bento! 25 Not-So Traditional Lunches

Bento is the Japanese equivalent to the American bagged lunch, but it's also an art form in itself, and is strongly integrated into Japanese culture.

Foreign Ramen: 12 Cup Noodle Soups You Can’t Get Here

Cup Noodle instant ramen's been a cultural icon since 1971 but there's a world of exotic flavors out there you can't get here. Here are 12 of the weirdest.

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