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Taking Names: Famous Logos Without Their Brand Names

All around the world, people are inundated daily with advertisements hawking everything from soda to furniture to vacations. We’re so used to seeing the ...

3B Printing: Bees Create Bottle for Dewar’s Whiskey

This ‘3D-printed’ bottle wasn’t made by a machine, unless you consider an army of industrious honeybees a machine. For a new Dewar’s ...

Billboard Trailers Turned into Tiny Parasite Apartments

Advertising is so ubiquitous that billboards aren’t even restricted to fixed positions anymore; they’re often found moving from one spot to another ...

Street Retouch: Bus Riders Get Live Photoshop Treatment

Unsuspecting travelers saw their own images warped and integrated into bus shelter ads for fictional movies in a prank by a Photoshop artist.

Generosity in a Can: Coke Can Splits in Half for Sharing

Need a reason to be generous? This innovative can from Coca-Cola encourages sharing by splitting into two halves - one for you and one for someone special.

The Red Menace: 15 Vintage Anti-Communist Ads & Propaganda

Anti-communist ads and propaganda attempted to inspire loyalty to America, abject terror of the Soviets, and acceptance of seemingly inevitable bombing.

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Useful Billboards? Advertisements Extend Into Urban Space

Most billboards simply show words and pictures, but this series of urban advertisements offers passers-by a helping hand with some of life's little moments.

Company Capers: Ten Terrible Corporate Superheroes

The best corporate superheroes punch up sales while resonating with the youth demographic. These ten terrible corporate superheroes, not so much.

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Livable Billboard Offers Artists a Temporary Home

Scribe Billboard is both an ongoing urban art project beautifying Mexico City, and a clever, compact hidden home for the artists as they work.

No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection

A marketing campaign by Kit Kat encourages you to take a break from your devices with a 'No WiFi Zone', which blocks all wifi signals in a 5 mile radius.

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