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Permanent Markings: 13 Tattoo Artists with Bold Black Style

Working primarily in bold, black ink, these 13 top tattoo artists working in Kyoto, London, Berlin, Kiev and throughout the United States stand out for ...

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Scaffolding Skyscraper: Very Public Urban Artist-in-Residence

The scaffolding used by a street artist to complete large murals becomes a tiny, less-than-private home away from home in a literal sense with ’24/7,’ an ...

Light Art Looms Large: 10 Artists Project Illuminated Images

Churches are scrawled with ephemeral graffiti, public squares transmit profound messages and trees come to life with the moving heads of Cambodian deities when ...

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Scalpel Cities: Urban Landscapes Made of Surgical Tools

Bird’s-eye views of cities around the world, from Paris to Hong Kong, are visualized in the form of surgical tools like scalpels and skin graft blades ...

Archist City: Iconic Modern Art Reimagined as Architecture

Works from 27 iconic modern artists are translated into architecture to make up one of the most colorful fictional cities every imagined. You can almost ...

Beyond Beautification: Brazil Art Project Paints All the Things

Brazil is no stranger to paint-based urban interventions, of  whichRio de Janeiro is frequently the focus, but the scope and scale of this project ...

17 Creative Letterheads from Celebs & Public Figures

Peek into the desks of celebrities and public figures like Ray Charles, Leonard Cohen, Groucho Marx and Charles Manson to get a look at their unique letterhead.

Creative Cartography: 15 Artists Transforming Maps

These 15 artists cut, sculpt and rearrange paper maps, create their own from unexpected materials like money or use them to illustrate interesting data.

14 (More!) Masters of Incredibly Intricate Cut Paper Art

Cutting, scoring, folding and gluing, these 14 masters of paper art transform their delicate medium into collages, sculptures, illustrations and installations.

Scratch Art: U.S. Dollars Sculpted Into Incredible Works

One artist uses incredibly unconventional material to create some fantastically beautiful one-of-a-kind sculptures.

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