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Crossed Up: 9 Twisted Swastika-Shaped Buildings

Though most modern architects avoid using swastikas in their blueprints, a few swastika-shaped buildings are out there, twisting in the winds of change.

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Penny Wise: 12 Cool Copper-Clad Buildings

Urban designers far and wide have warmed to copper's practical beauty, employing it to clad buildings of all sizes and why not: it makes perfect cents.

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In The Doghouse Again: 13 Odd Animal-Shaped Buildings

Animal House reboot anyone? This unlucky group of 13 zoomorphic buildings make being sent to the doghouse (cathouse, etc.) a decidedly different experience.

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Ultimate Wooden House Made of Jenga-Like Stacked Beams

Massive rectilinear wooden beams were stacked in random configurations to create a Jenga-like structure full of jutting platforms and hidden nooks.

Matthew Christopher: Photographer of Abandoned Places

Some of the locations have storied histories, and others remain a mystery - photo shoots of abandoned spaces and deserted places that must remain off the map.

14 Designer Dog Houses: Curating Posh Pup Architecture

We all know architects who dabble in different design disciplines, but what happens when you task international icons like MVRDV and Toyo Ito with creating dog ...

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Ghost Architecture: Building Demolition Photo Composites

These pictures highlight a dark new perspective on the processes of urban deconstruction, showing before, during and after images of once-proud civic ...

Magic Plan App Makes Amazing Automatic Floor Plans

A high-tech new app can create floor plans of any building from a series of iPhone pictures, letting you easily envision your living or working space.

Shwopping: Store Covered in 10,000 Hanging Garments

10,000 garments cover a building in London like shingles to highlight clothing waste in a campaign by UK retailer Marks & Spencer.

Ghostly Paper Mansions & Spectral Stop-Motion Animations

These haunting paper buildings are produced simply by folding the paper - millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light and cast illusions.

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