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Ghostly Paper Mansions & Spectral Stop-Motion Animations

These haunting paper buildings are produced simply by folding the paper - millimeter-scale differences catch and reflect light and cast illusions.

Double Agent JR: Undercover Photographer & Guerilla Artist

Photographers are the subject of a medium-old question: does their work represent reality, or create new realities? This one undoubtedly does both in fantastic ...

Augmented Reality: Awesome 3D Hand-Held Architecture

Great architecture deserves to be seen, even if it will never be built. This revolutionary project puts visionary buildings right into the palm of your hand.

Modern Castles: 7 Cool Converted Watertower Houses

What happens to old water towers when they no longer serve their original purpose? Some architects take the creative route by turning them into residences.

Power Houses: Toronto Hydro’s Camouflaged Substations

Power to the people! For a century Toronto Hydro has been designing stealthy electrical substation "homes" that blend in with their surrounding neighborhoods.

Real Life Sim City: 3D Printers Turn Virtual to Reality

SimCity gets real in this fun 3D printing project that brings the virtual buildings to life. Who's up for playing Godzilla?

Korean Twin Towers Fail to ‘Cloud’ Memories of 9/11

“The Cloud” is due to rise in Seoul by 2015 – that is, unless a storm of controversy centered on the design's alarming resemblance to 9/11 blows the plan ...

One Day, One World: 11 International 9/11 Memorials

These 11 international memorials to the tragic events of September 11th, 2001 reflect the subtly different ways 9/11 is interpreted by the world at large.

Organic Glamour? Chic Restaurant Design Gone Wild

A hip nightclub in Tokyo's Harajuku neighborhood draws inspiration from the wild and quirky fashions seen in the streets as well as from organic forms in ...

Please Don’t Stair: Dozen Spooky Sets of Steps to Nowhere

Step up, people! The builders of these 12 strange stairs never arrived at a landing, leaving us to wonder where the odd orphaned staircases were meant to lead.

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