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Works of Impossible Architecture Built from Found Photos

Like the architecture of dreams, these images are seamlessly integrated, yet structurally surreal ... and, like waking up: they hard to recall when you look ...

Windows Zero: 9 Telecom Infrastructure Buildings

They may not have windows, workers or office space yet blankly mysterious telecom infrastructure buildings are an essential part of the urban megalopolis.

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Augmented 3D Printing: Architectural Model Overlay App

Augmented reality meets architectural modeling in a remarkable best-of-both-worlds hybridization for architecture designers, builders and clients.

Pirated Architecture: Chinese Copies of Famous Buildings

First it was a small town in Austria, copied in exacting detail and replicated in China. Now: a complex by a famous architect that may be done before the ...

The ABC of Architects: 26 Famous Buildings in 100 Seconds

26 architectural greats from the last 100 years have their works come to life in less than two minutes as animated iconic buildings in this well-worth-watching ...

Crossed Up: 9 Twisted Swastika-Shaped Buildings

Though most modern architects avoid using swastikas in their blueprints, a few swastika-shaped buildings are out there, twisting in the winds of change.

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Penny Wise: 12 Cool Copper-Clad Buildings

Urban designers far and wide have warmed to copper's practical beauty, employing it to clad buildings of all sizes and why not: it makes perfect cents.

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In The Doghouse Again: 13 Odd Animal-Shaped Buildings

Animal House reboot anyone? This unlucky group of 13 zoomorphic buildings make being sent to the doghouse (cathouse, etc.) a decidedly different experience.

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Ultimate Wooden House Made of Jenga-Like Stacked Beams

Massive rectilinear wooden beams were stacked in random configurations to create a Jenga-like structure full of jutting platforms and hidden nooks.

Matthew Christopher: Photographer of Abandoned Places

Some of the locations have storied histories, and others remain a mystery - photo shoots of abandoned spaces and deserted places that must remain off the map.

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