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Crafty Modernist Birdhouses Sing Mid-Century Melodies

Modern architecture is the height of contemporary living - so why are we still putting out dowdy old birdhouses for our feathered neighbors?

Brick Farmhouse Facade Illusion via Photo-Printed Glass

This project was deadlocked for decades until MVDRV showed up with a radical proposal remixing old and new, printing local historical-building photographs ...

Shell-Shaped Shoffice: Backyard Shed/Office Combo

The 'Shoffice' is a shell-shaped, prefabricated shed/office combo with a dramatic, sweeping form, a skylight, built-in desks and glass walls.

Stripped to Skeleton, Old Building Becomes Bright Art Lab

An unused building at Mexico's Monterrey Institute of Technology was stripped to its frame and given a glass and wood shell for a new life as a creative lab.

Architecture Gets Graphic: 13 Ornamental Building Designs

While most modern architecture cuts out unnecessary details, ornamental elements like gates inspired by graffiti and bold graphic images are creeping in.

Ruined Renaissance Palace Gets Rusted Steel Addition

A rusted, L-shaped Corten steel volume replaces the missing corner of a crumbling Renaissance palace in the renovation of an ancient site in Pécs, Hungary.

Striking Gravel-Covered Japanese House is a Study in Contrasts

A striking wedge-shaped home in Japan is covered in gravel and set back from the road, making it look like a massive sculptural object for the garden.

Flat-Pack Furniture: 3 Modern Designs from Noon Studio

Three designs from Noon Studio prove that simple is beautiful including a flat-pack cantilevered table, an oak and steel stool and an A-shaped leaning lamp.

Celebratory Nanshan Marriage Registration Center Covered in Confetti

Urbanus architects give Chinese couples a beautiful, celebratory space set on a reflecting pool in Shenzen to have a civil ceremony.

Cloud House Elevates Organic Architecture to New Heights

An unassuming Edwardian residence in Australia gets an incredibly unexpected cloud-shaped addition perched on the edge of a sky-blue pool.

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