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House in Reverse: Rooftop Driveway Leads to Hillside Home

Most people with single-family homes are used to pulling up into their driveways and then ascending flights of stairs to get to the living spaces. But in this ...

Baroque Parking Garage Challenges Blind Civic Historicism

Challenged with designing something to fit a historic city-center context in “baroque, classic, neo-classical, romantic and neo-romantic style” is ...

Mountaintop Museum: Underground Rooms Tunnel into Peak

In a bold yet beautifully contextual move, this embedded mountaintop museum structure is part of a series of buildings set high in the mountains of Tyrol, ...

Redefining Rustic Materials: 6 Modern Log Furniture Makers

Logs typically conjure images of remote cabins and plaid-clad workers felling trees. As these seven creative designers and craftspeople show, though, log ...

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21st Century Cookout: 16 Modern Grills & Outdoor Kitchens

If you're tired of the ugly gas grill taking up space in your backyard, dreaming of a luxurious outdoor kitchen, or just wishing for a more portable BBQ ...

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Traditional to Contemporary: 6 Cool Custom Bedroom Lofts

There is something nice and relaxing about removing oneself from the main floor of a home, particularly if you can sneak the space into a one-story dwelling.

5 Room-in-a-Box Designs Form 100% Modular Home Interior

For the minimalist space-saving fanatic, this collection may be the ultimate all-in-one solution - a set of five boxes, one for each essential home space.

Modern Design Meets Tradition in 12 Japanese Homes

These twelve homes balance Japanese traditions like recessed lower levels, adaptable interior rooms and transitional garden spaces with modern sensibilities.

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Crafty Modernist Birdhouses Sing Mid-Century Melodies

Modern architecture is the height of contemporary living - so why are we still putting out dowdy old birdhouses for our feathered neighbors?

Brick Farmhouse Facade Illusion via Photo-Printed Glass

This project was deadlocked for decades until MVDRV showed up with a radical proposal remixing old and new, printing local historical-building photographs ...

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