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Ruin Academy: Urban Lab in an Abandoned Building

An abandoned building in Taipei serves as an urban laboratory for architecture and design students to incorporate nature and transient structures into cities.

Doing it Wrong: Funny Photo-Edited Urban Improbabilities

It would be entirely right and wrong at the same time to call this body of work realistic - the scenes are at first glance probable, then clearly almost ...

Vertical Landfill: Monument to Civilization Honors Our Trash

This skyscraper proposal isn't just a functioning urban landfill tower that can also help power the city with gas; it's a commentary on our wastefulness.

Future Skyscraper: Arup Presents Awesome Vision for 2050

This future-looking skyscraper fuses passive power generation, urban agricultural endeavors, modular climate-sensitive skins and mobile plug-and-play platforms.

Abandoned App Leads You to Local Urban Exploration Sites

The 'Abandoned' app for iPhone locates abandoned places in your area and pinpoints them on a map, also sharing tips, reviews and photos from urban explorers.

City Cycle: Curved Urban Tread Wraps ‘Round Bike Tire

Rough around the edges, we rarely notice the unique landscape that evolves from regular wear and tear on our bicycle tire - even our ordinary ones.

Expand on Demand: Secret Deck Spaces for Small Dwellings

What if you could push a balcony outward on demand, rather than adding an entire deck or patio? Here are three designs to expand outdoor space in creative ways.

Faux Facades: Fake Buildings Hide Trains, Power & More

You might have passed right by train tunnels, communications towers or even entirely empty buildings and never realized you were being duped - until now.

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Incredible Shrinking Building: Top-Down Demolition in Style

A remarkably subtle and deferential structure-destroying process with many levels of conscientious thought behind it (not to mention a brilliant visual effect).

Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas

There are box and kit solutions, sure, but these creative alternatives preserve your views and limited sill space while providing green growth and unique ...

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