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Urban Suburbs: 4 McMansions Atop Chinese Shopping Mall

It sounds like a hoax at best, an architectural student thesis gone wrong at worst: a series of conventional-looking, a-frame abodes atop a gigantic mega-block ...

Honey I Shrunk The City! Alan Wolfson’s Tiny Streets

The urban sculptures of Alan Wolfson are tiny, incredibly detailed views of the mundane city landmarks that urban citizens interact with on a daily basis.

Giant-Sized Stabbing Scenes: Street Art at Knife Point

A pair of German artists lay on the streets of Berlin, slain by an absurdly large weapon made of cardboard, in their urban art installation 'The Knife.'

Collector Decks: 15 Wall-Worthy Artistic Skateboards

From graffiti-inspired decks to photo prints and fine art by notorious artists like Damien Hirst, these 15 artistic skateboard designs are gallery-worthy.

Urban Living Room: Feel at Home in Public Places

A cozy, blue-painted living room entices passersby to sit, get to know each other and enjoy entertainment in Rotterdam at the 'Urban Living Room' installation.

Ghost Architecture: Building Demolition Photo Composites

These pictures highlight a dark new perspective on the processes of urban deconstruction, showing before, during and after images of once-proud civic ...

Skyscraper Squatters: Lessons from Ad Hoc Vertical Slums

Recipe: an abandoned office tower without occupants while people all around sleeping on the streets. Result: 45 floors now inhabited by over 3000 people.

Shelf Hotel: Revolutionary Approach to Modular Architecture

This remarkable proposal suggests a framework to accommodate present as well as yet-unplanned programs rather than a fixed-use, single-purpose structure.

Cement Bleak: Haunting Shadow Faces on the Sidewalk

Ghostly shadow faces appear on the sidewalks, cast through hand-shaped metal colanders by the street lights, in an installation by Isaac Cordal.

Floating Islands Add 100,000 Square Feet to Downtown Seoul

Beyond merely extending solid ground like most downtown-on-the-water expansions, this project creates new mobile infrastructure right out on the waves.

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