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Vertical Landfill: Monument to Civilization Honors Our Trash

This skyscraper proposal isn't just a functioning urban landfill tower that can also help power the city with gas; it's a commentary on our wastefulness.

Future Skyscraper: Arup Presents Awesome Vision for 2050

This future-looking skyscraper fuses passive power generation, urban agricultural endeavors, modular climate-sensitive skins and mobile plug-and-play platforms.

Abandoned App Leads You to Local Urban Exploration Sites

The 'Abandoned' app for iPhone locates abandoned places in your area and pinpoints them on a map, also sharing tips, reviews and photos from urban explorers.

City Cycle: Curved Urban Tread Wraps ‘Round Bike Tire

Rough around the edges, we rarely notice the unique landscape that evolves from regular wear and tear on our bicycle tire - even our ordinary ones.

Expand on Demand: Secret Deck Spaces for Small Dwellings

What if you could push a balcony outward on demand, rather than adding an entire deck or patio? Here are three designs to expand outdoor space in creative ways.

Faux Facades: Fake Buildings Hide Trains, Power & More

You might have passed right by train tunnels, communications towers or even entirely empty buildings and never realized you were being duped - until now.

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Incredible Shrinking Building: Top-Down Demolition in Style

A remarkably subtle and deferential structure-destroying process with many levels of conscientious thought behind it (not to mention a brilliant visual effect).

Urban Green: 8 Ingenious Small-Space Window Garden Ideas

There are box and kit solutions, sure, but these creative alternatives preserve your views and limited sill space while providing green growth and unique ...

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No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection

A marketing campaign by Kit Kat encourages you to take a break from your devices with a 'No WiFi Zone', which blocks all wifi signals in a 5 mile radius.

Your Text Here: Messages of Light Displayed on Buildings

An urban light art project in Detroit gave citizens the chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings in giant letters on the side of a downtown building.

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