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Musical Urban Design: Rube Goldberg-Style Rain Drains

An interactive and artistic facade features the process of rain drainage prominently instead of hiding it, turning the flow of liquid into music for passers by.

Vertical Horizon: Urban Photographs Turn City Upside Down

Hong Kong is a much-photographed city, but these shots present a rarely-seen perspective by documentarians or pedestrians ... unless they look straight up.

Origami Kayak: Packs Flat, Folds Up to Form its Own Case

Portaging in the wild is one thing, but try walking your canoe or kayak down the street and you may smack some unsuspecting pedestrian in the head.

Intoxication, Captured: Frantic Head-Spinning Oil Paintings

A disorienting sense of intoxication amidst the frantic, vivid life of the city is captured in these kinetic oil paintings by Alexandra Pacula.

Perfect Pitch: Impossibly Starry City Skies in Blackest Night

There is simply no way to see the starry skies above the typical urban metropolis - but one photographer has found a way to simulate the stunning potential ...

Liu Bolin is Back: ‘Invisible Man’ Artist (Dis)Appears Again

The master of urban camouflage has returned, this time exhibiting his latest photographic wonders in new contexts but, as always without post-picture editing.

Eyebombing: 21 Street Artworks Utilize 42+ Googly Eyes

Though naturally unique, the work of any of these 21 eyebombers is also inherently anonymous due to the similarly simple materials used in each case.

Ruin Academy: Urban Lab in an Abandoned Building

An abandoned building in Taipei serves as an urban laboratory for architecture and design students to incorporate nature and transient structures into cities.

Doing it Wrong: Funny Photo-Edited Urban Improbabilities

It would be entirely right and wrong at the same time to call this body of work realistic - the scenes are at first glance probable, then clearly almost ...

Vertical Landfill: Monument to Civilization Honors Our Trash

This skyscraper proposal isn't just a functioning urban landfill tower that can also help power the city with gas; it's a commentary on our wastefulness.

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