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Ever wanted to explore abandoned places? Real-life urban exploration and building infiltration can be challenging, dangerous and even illegal. Here is your chance to try out urbex from the comfort of your computer - from deserted buildings to entire abandoned towns and cities, here are some of the most amazing abandoned locations around the world.

Going Postal: 12 Stamped Out & Abandoned Post Offices

Since the only thing rapid about “snail mail” is the speed it's fading away, no one should be surprised at the growing number of abandoned post offices.

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Gone Fission: 11 Unfinished Nuclear Power Plants

These 11 unfinished, abandoned, canceled, mothballed and/or suspended nuclear power plants will, for better or worse, never know the warmth of split atoms.

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7 Abandoned Wonders of Residential Architecture

From palatial chateaus to the world's largest vertical slum, these 7 abandoned wonders of residential architecture are stunning examples of waste and decay.

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Trouble Brewing: 12 De-alcoholized Abandoned Breweries

These dozen decrepit, decommissioned and de-alcoholized breweries are the drunk dry victims of changing times, changing tastes and changing fortunes.

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Coast Stories: 9 More Abandoned Lighthouses

A long, long time aglow... but as is the case with these 9 abandoned lighthouses, even the brightest shining light will inevitably fade to black.

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7 Abandoned Wonders of Commercial & Industrial Architecture

These seven wonders of abandoned commercial and industrial architecture include skyscrapers, office buildings, manufacturing facilities and industrial ...

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Matthew Christopher: Photographer of Abandoned Places

Some of the locations have storied histories, and others remain a mystery - photo shoots of abandoned spaces and deserted places that must remain off the map.

High & Dry: 8 Amazing Abandoned Aquariums

So long, and thanks for all the fish! These 8 abandoned aquariums illustrate what happens when yesterday's artificial oceanic environments go apocalypse now.

Then & Now: Hybrid Images of a Deserted School in Detroit

This series of collages that show historical use and present conditions in abandoned structures through the lens of students and teachers overlaid with the ...

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Abandoned No More: New Lives for 13 Disused Spaces

Former factories, military barracks and farms that were abandoned for decades are transformed into homes, offices and public spaces in these 13 renovations.

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