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Ever wanted to explore abandoned places? Real-life urban exploration and building infiltration can be challenging, dangerous and even illegal. Here is your chance to try out urbex from the comfort of your computer - from deserted buildings to entire abandoned towns and cities, here are some of the most amazing abandoned locations around the world.

Underwater Town: Single Spire Marks Architectural Tomb

A 700-year-old bell tower is the only part of an old Italian village that is still visible, after the town was flooded after World War I.

Rural Ruins: 20 Eerie Images of Abandonments

The countryside is littered with abandoned structures, from weathered stables and barns about to collapse to stately manors that have fallen into ruin.

Boarded Up: 15 Rad & Gnarly Abandoned Skate Parks

Looking like reinforced concrete reflections of topographic terrain, the abandoned ruins of once raucous skateparks lie scattered across the urban landscape.

Meet the Deadline: 20 Abandoned Payphones

Rusting in place for at least a little while longer, the abused carcasses of abandoned payphones echo with lost conversations from a very different time.

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Watch Out: 15 Eerie Abandoned Observatories

Casualties of war, funding, politics and light pollution, these 15 eerie abandoned observatories have definitely seen better days... and nights.

Grandeur Lost: The Modern Ruins of Abandoned Detroit

Once a majestic city, Detroit suffered a series of tragedies in the mid-20th century that left it partially abandoned. These photos document its unique state

Morbid Abandonments: 14 Deserted Morgues & Mortuaries

These 14 abandoned morgues and mortuaries drip with the death that they once contained, with bone saws and other relics of their past life still visible.

Decay in Detroit: Feral House Photos by James Griffioen

Photographer James Griffioen captures Detroit's 'Feral Houses', abandoned homes that are overtaken by trees and ivy, enhancing their sense of decay.

Open Secret: The Ghost Town of New York City

Just blocks from busy Brooklyn, 'The Hole' is an abandoned neighborhood that's thirty feet below sea level, making it a flood basin reclaimed by the marsh.

Into Abyss: World’s Largest Deserted Underwater Film Set

Urban explorers sneaked into the abandoned Cherokee Nuclear Power Plant where 'The Abyss' was filmed, capturing images of the set before it was demolished.

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