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Ever wanted to explore abandoned places? Real-life urban exploration and building infiltration can be challenging, dangerous and even illegal. Here is your chance to try out urbex from the comfort of your computer - from deserted buildings to entire abandoned towns and cities, here are some of the most amazing abandoned locations around the world.

Child’s Place: 10 Eerie Abandoned Orphanages

These 10 eerie abandoned orphanages were once repositories for unwanted, illegitimate and unsupportable children from a fast-fading, socially unenlightened age.

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Abandoned Tunnel Used for Secret Race Car Testing

Locals weren't going crazy when they thought they heard the sounds of race cars coming from a long-abandoned tunnel under a nearby mountain in Pennsylvania.

All Bets Are Off: 10 Crapped-Out Abandoned Casinos

At these 10 abandoned casinos, the high rollers are laying low, the cards are all jokers, the wheel's stopped spinning and the dice have all thrown snake eyes.

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Game, Cassette, Match: 10 Abandoned Video Stores

Once as common as the VHS or Beta tapes they rented out, video stores are fading away faster than the images on a well-worn cassette someone forgot to rewind.

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Ruin Academy: Urban Lab in an Abandoned Building

An abandoned building in Taipei serves as an urban laboratory for architecture and design students to incorporate nature and transient structures into cities.

Drowned Out: 9 Abandoned Lifeguard Huts & Towers

Battered by wind, waves and relentless weathering, these 9 abandoned lifeguard towers still stand watch though the watchers have long since left.

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Bread Balks: 13 Old & Moldy Abandoned Bakeries

This baker's dozen of abandoned bakeries have closed their oven doors for good; victims of flour play, management missed cakes and muffin'd opportunities.

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Going Downhill Fast: 12 Abandoned Ski Resorts

These dozen doomed ski resorts, like most seasonal winter businesses, can fall off the financial cliff by something as ironically simple as a lack of snow.

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Case Closed: 12 Locked Down Abandoned Police Stations

These unlocked, unloaded and unmanned abandoned police stations suggest that when the long arm of the law has withered, the end of society must be nigh.

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7 Monumental Abandoned Wonders of Military Architecture

Seven abandoned wonders of military architecture, from an artificial island fort off the coast of Baltimore to a top-secret Soviet submarine base in Ukraine.

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