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Waking, sleeping, recreating, loving and living, we spend so much time at home it seems a shame not to make your place of residence both functional and radical - the dwelling designs featured here will shock, amaze, intrigue and inspire you to rethink your housing situation and improve the spaces you inhabit.

Caviar Warehouse to Modern Home: 14 Converted Residences

You wouldn’t mind living in a stable, boathouse, boiler room, post office or even a wartime bunker once they undergo modern renovations like these, ...

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Et tu, Brutalism? ‘Experimental Home’ Now a Modern Roman Ruin

Photographers traveling to photograph the ruins of Rome are generally so distracted by ancient remnants they naturally overlook this unique decaying structure ...

So Long, Suckers: 11 Closed & Abandoned Candy Stores

When it comes to abandoned candy stores like these 11 examples, sweet has turned to sour quicker than toothache sufferers turn to their dentists.

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Prefab Hobbit Homes: Build Your Own Shire Dwelling in Just 3 Days

Composed of vaulted panels covered with reinforced soil, these modular hobbit-worthy homes can be adapted to just about any site and constructed in a matter ...

Museums of Tomorrow: 13 Out of This World Institution Designs

We’re reaching a point in architectural history where the structures being built look like they could have come straight out of the concept artwork for a ...

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Skywalking Stockholm: Bridged Green-Roof Parks to Span Downtown

Fusing height, light, density and greenery with regional vernacular architecture, this ambitious urban Sky Walk plan aims to turn the tops of downtown ...

Holy Skate: Century-Old Church Converted to Colorful Park

A 100-year-old church in Spain is hosting pilgrimages of a new sort now that its interior is lined with skate ramps instead of pews, its soaring cathedral ...

Car-Free Cities: 12 Pedestrian-Only Places from Venice to NYC

It’s funny how the idea of a purpose-built, car-free city where everything you need is easily accessible on foot seems so modern, yet it’s actually a ...

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Save Ferris! 12 Abandoned & Overgrown Ferris Wheels

What goes around comes around, especially for these dozen abandoned Ferris Wheels whose former clockwork precision has spun down to a permanent turn off.

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Tetris House: Modular Structures are Made to be Stacked

Modular living units in a range of sizes can be stacked, spun and cantilevered over each other to create unique custom dwellings with views in every direction. ...

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