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No Wi-Fi Zones: Taking a Break from Constant Connection

A marketing campaign by Kit Kat encourages you to take a break from your devices with a 'No WiFi Zone', which blocks all wifi signals in a 5 mile radius.

Your Text Here: Messages of Light Displayed on Buildings

An urban light art project in Detroit gave citizens the chance to communicate their thoughts and feelings in giant letters on the side of a downtown building.

Then & Now: Hybrid Images of a Deserted School in Detroit

This series of collages that show historical use and present conditions in abandoned structures through the lens of students and teachers overlaid with the ...

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Sneaker Speakers: Blast Music From Your Feet to the Streets

Sneaker Speakers strap onto your feet, updating the '80s boom box trend for the 21st century with hands-free connectivity that works with phones and iPods.

Public Camouflage: Make-Up Artist Makes Models Invisible

Illusion relies on expectation - we glance but only glimpse what is familiar and the rest blends neatly into the background of urban settings.

Urban Landscapes Transformed: 23 Stunning Urban Murals

Exceptionally talented street artists to create murals so awesome, they could easily hang in a gallery, but so large that they hang on it, instead.

Super Skyscrapers! 20 Concept Towers That Reach Sky High

Architects are all dreamers and looking at their design concepts is a great way to see the future of architecture.

Urban LEGOs: Conceptual Cure for Civic Blight Blindness

Fantasy structures made of colorful LEGO blocks call attention to disused, blighted urban spaces in a conceptual architecture project by Espai MGR in Valencia.

Miniature City Scenes: 21 of Slinkachu’s Tiny Art Installations

Slinkachu is a UK-based artist who creates tiny scenes on city streets. He photographs each scene and then leaves it to be discovered.

WebUrbanist Update: 5 Years & 50 Million Visitors Later

Five years ago, who would have thought that what started as an offbeat visual culture weblog would turn into a full-fledged cosmopolitan online magazine?

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