Archived Articles: June, 2007

Lost Spaces & Urban Reuse: Hovering HighLine in NYC

Imagine being able to walk for miles through the heart of New York city - without ever touching the ground!

Freegans Find Ways to Creatively Reuse Society’s Leftovers

Freeganism is a truly fascinating way of approaching life, that involves reusing leftover food (dumpster diving), living in unused spaces (squatting) and ...

5 Google Street View Images: Errors, Glitches & Mistakes

With so much focus on Google Street View privacy issues, many people have missed a whole subset of non-controversial but much more strange Street View images.

Map of the Internet: Sexy Graphic, What Does it Tell Us?

Wow, a map/picture/image/representation of the entire internet - amazing except for the fact that, like many things, it is presented entirely without useful ...

Map Made in Heaven! Want to Get a Date? Where to Move:

Perhaps it comes as no big surprise that the West Coast has way more single men and the East Coast has more single women by far.

Link Roundup: Graffiti & Street Art in Melbourne, Australia

For reasons no one seems to fully understand, Melbourne has become the world capital of street painting with stencils.

Top 3 Look-Alikes: Second-Life Avatars vs Real Life Users

Many people who have an avatar (digital representation) in online communities like Second Life choose to appear completely different, but some people bear a ...

Wikimedia: More Monthly Pageviews than People on Earth

According to Wikizine, Wikimedia Foundation websites bring in an astonishing estimated 7 billion+ page views per month between Wikipedias and other Wikimedia ...

Silly, Satirical, Sublime: Urban Street Art Installation Projects

Amazing but non-commercial forms of urban street art, from silly and creative projects to works both sublime and socially relevant.

Google Street View: Accidental Art or Invasion of Privacy?

Already someone is asking Google to take down an image of her house cat - if Google complies, what could it mean but the end of this tool?

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