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Waking, sleeping, recreating, loving and living, we spend so much time at home it seems a shame not to make your place of residence both functional and radical - the dwelling designs featured here will shock, amaze, intrigue and inspire you to rethink your housing situation and improve the spaces you inhabit.

Modular Record: 3D-Printed Chinese Villa Assembled in 3 Hours

In this latest attempt at one-upmanship in the realm of rapid construction, a company in China has built a two-story villa from six modules, putting the ...

‘Death Ray’ Skyscraper Stands Accused of Blowing People Over

Already infamous for its curved facade that ignited fires in adjacent buildings and melted nearby cars basking in its reflected sunlight, the Walkie Talkie ...

Mustard’s Last Stand: 10 Abandoned Hot Dog Kiosks

Easy come and easy go (just like their product), hot dog stands like these abandoned frankfurter kiosks are the fly-by-night black sheep of the fast food trade.

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Junked Ship: Japan Ditches Hadid’s 2020 Olympic Stadium Design

Scheduled to land like an otherworldly spacecraft in Tokyo, the curvaceous, controversial but competition-winning National Stadium designed for the 2020 ...

Red Ink: 10 Closed & Abandoned Tattoo Parlors, Studios & Shops

Tattoos and tattooists have made their mark on society – pun intended – but what happens to your neighborhood tattoo parlor when the ink finally runs dry?

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Foundation for World’s Tallest Building Converted to Fish Farm

Ambitious plans construct Sky City in China, designed to be the highest skyscraper in the world and built in just 90 days, stalled at the outset over 2 years ...

Arboreal Architecture: 14 Houses Built Around & Within Trees

Tree houses aren’t just rustic wooden huts slapped together around a living trunk – they also come in the form of elegant modern residences ...

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Traffic Chop: 8 Creative Stencils for Dedicated Traffic Lanes

Seems everyone wants their own dedicated traffic lane these days... and it seems they're getting them! Is white line fever taking over your neighborhood?

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Tree Church: Organic Arbortecture Grown from Living Branches

‘Built’ may not be the right word for this compelling hybrid of architectural and arborsculptural design (or: arbortecture), featuring a complete ...

Raised Runways: Airplane Paths Lifted Above Downtown Streets

Airports take up vast amounts of valuable real estate in and around urban areas, but what if we could get to and from planes faster, make takeoffs and landings ...

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