Archived Articles: July, 2009

Style to Go: 15 Examples Of Awesome Automotive Art

Our cars, ourselves - and if tattooing our bodies is desirable, arting up our cars is as well. These 15 artistic automotive expressions illustrate how some are ...

15 Off-the-Wall Furnishings to Transform Your Living Space

Downsizing your spending can cause your living space to suffer. Here are 15 unique pieces of furniture that will help you upgrade and streamline your place.

12 Architectural Art Installations & Building Modifications

Sometimes, art is so large it can't fit inside a building. These 12 architectural art installations transform the structures themselves into 3D canvases.

12 Exciting Ethnic Enclaves & International Districts

Chinatown, Little Italy... you name the country and it probably has a "little" chip off the block somewhere else. These ethnic enclaves haven't always had a ...

Clasic Movie Posters: The Dark Allure of Film Noir

Film Noir is a cinematic term describing a certain type of movie. It's hard to pin down with precision as it's an instantly recognizable 'look' and 'mood'.

Curious Caricatures: Vibrant Artwork Inspired by Cartoons

While the value of the art from comic book is often contested, artwork INSPIRED BY comic books and cartoons is art. And there's no debating that.

Two Wheels Good: Awesome Bicycle Mod Art & Design

Pimp my bike? It's more common then you think. Artistically modified bikes are the coolest things on two wheels these days. Here are 15 of the weirdest, ...

9 Famous Painters & the Revealing Art of Self-Portraits

Artists may use self-portraits to advertise their skills, practice their craft, explore some inner turmoil or stake a place in history.

Senior City-zens: 10 of the Oldest Still-Inhabited Cities

Whether a village grows into a city depends on many factors; whether it remains inhabited through centuries, even millennia, of war, natural disasters and ...

Going Up? 15 Amazing Elevator Artworks & Advertisements

Advertisers and artists take advantage of the captive audience in an elevator with these incredibly creative installations.

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