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From classic ideas of city construction to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, these articles cover everything from landscape and new urbanism to forms not yet fully defined - click through to see the cities of our past, present and future.

Endless City: Skyscraper Wraps Upward with Walkable Ramps

An urban pedestrian paradise, this conceptual design proposes to turn cities skyward with a system of flexible open spaces that gradually rise as floor plates ...

Inverted Zoo: Enclosure-Free Design Puts Animals in the Open

Aiming to change the nature of zoo experiences for species on both sides of the glass, Zootopia radically reverses traditional layouts and changes ...

The Peeling Project: Thinking Outside The Big Box Store

What happened when an edgy architecture firm met an open-minded chain of big box retail stores? The very appealing Peeling Project, that's what.

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Forested Facades: 13 Buildings Bringing Greenery to the City

Why stop at parks when we could make cities lusher and greener by integrating thousands of plants right into the facades of urban buildings? Vertical greenery ...

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Floating on Dry Land: 17 Derelict Houseboats Find New Home

Located in the north of Amsterdam, the recently-opened De Ceuval (conceptualized by Space&Matter) is a radical redevelopment project featuring homes, ...

Meltdown: 10 Semi-Sweet Abandoned Chocolate Factories

Chocolate factories were once fragrant masters of their delicious domains but many have fallen victim to high costs, cocoa shortages and changing market tastes.

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Speedy Prefab: How a 9-Story Apartment Was Built in 5 Days

We see conceptual modular designs of this kind all of the time, but rarely such exquisite real-world proof of how fast construction can be in the age of ...

Fairytale Retreats: 15 Magical BlueForest Tree Houses

Daydream about an ideal fairytale retreat in the forest, and what you envision will likely look a lot like these 14 amazing arboreal creations. There’s ...

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Rich Door, Poor Door: Segregated Entrances Spark Controversy

Mayor Bill de Blasio and the Department of Housing Preservation and Development has come under attack by critics for approving  building plans in NYC that ...

5,000 Residents Being Evicted from World’s Tallest Vertical Slum

A forced relocation is underway as thousands of squatters are moved by authorities out of their homes and the city of Caracas, some of whom have called the ...

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