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From classic ideas of city construction to suburban sprawl and urban renewal, these articles cover everything from landscape and new urbanism to forms not yet fully defined - click through to see the cities of our past, present and future.

Smog-Sucking Tower Cleans 30,000 Cubic Meters of Air Per Hour

Successfully crowdfunded last year, the Smog Free Tower has just gone from concept to reality; deployd for testing around Rotterdam, these machines are now ...

America’s Oldest Mall Now Houses Affordable Micro Apartments

Built in 1828, the first enclosed shopping mall in America now has affordable housing beyond its grand Ionic columns in place of cramped, struggling retail ...

Uncanny Volley: 15 Abandoned Tennis Courts & Clubs

Shed no racket tears for these abandoned tennis courts as there's no bawls in tennis... OK, that's out of line but these courts ARE out of service.

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Trail Blazing: ‘Freezeway’ Path for Ice Skaters Opens in Canada

The new Freezeway pilot project now live in Edmonton aims to draw residents out of hibernation, encouraging them to skate along an iced trail system slated ...

Halfway House: Townhouse Duplex Split Straight Down the Middle

It looks more like an optical illusion or photo edit than a real dwelling, but this hundred-year-old halved townhouse really stands (out) on the streets of ...

Full of Hot Air: Clever Urban Monuments Conceal Exhaust Shafts

Fenced off or set back from streets and sidewalks and often raised on platforms as well, civic monuments are oddly ideal candidates for concealing a peculiar ...

Architecture as Art: 13 Unusually Sculptural Buildings

When fine art and architecture intersect, especially in our modern era of parametric modeling and 3D printing, the results can be strikingly different from the ...

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Architecture with Nothing to Hide: 13 Glass Box Buildings

Spotlighting the reflective, shimmering and transparent qualities of glass, architecture primarily made up of glazed volumes interacts with its environment in ...

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Brazil Nots: Abandoned Buildings Of Utopian Brasilia

Brasilia was designed by visionary architects as a utopian city of tomorrow. Now that tomorrow's arrived, it appears those plans haven't panned out.

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Seascraper: Lush 3D-Printed Self-Sustaining Floating Cities

In the not-so-distant future, once we land-dwelling humans have exhausted all of our resources and trashed the climate-change-ravaged continents we live on, a ...

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