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Waking, sleeping, recreating, loving and living, we spend so much time at home it seems a shame not to make your place of residence both functional and radical - the dwelling designs featured here will shock, amaze, intrigue and inspire you to rethink your housing situation and improve the spaces you inhabit.

Aviator’s Villa: Ultramodern House Made of Airplane Parts

A long, narrow ultramodern residence envisioned as a composition of disassembled aviation components offers an evocative home for a retired pilot. ...

Empty Spaces: Photo Book Documents Eerie Urban Ruins

Crumbling cathedrals, decaying theaters and half-destroyed camping cabins: urban explorer Johnny Joo has seen it all, and he doesn’t just document these ...

Floating Architecture: 16 Dramatic Cantilevered Structures

Jutting out over cliffs or hovering over impossibly small foundations, these 16 dramatically cantilevered structures seem like they’re about to take off ...

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Diamonds Aren’t Forever: 10 Abandoned Jewelry Stores

These 10 abandoned jewelry stores, designed to be secure oases of luxury retailing, are now as lonely as a busted ring that's forever lost its sparkle.

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Dense City: Mixed-Use ‘Urban Alloy’ Transit Hub for New York

Taking advantage of air rights above existing an transportation nexus, this design integrates elevated train lines, apartments, offices and shops to create a ...

Giving Up the Ghost: Residents of Toxic Town Won’t Leave

Hell no, the last residents of Picher, Oklahoma won’t go – even though their town is officially labeled a hazardous waste site, and there are only ...

10 in 1 Day: Chinese Homes 3D-Printed from Scraps Materials

Using recycled construction waste and rapid prototyping processes, a Chinese company is showing off how 3D printing technologies can be applied to building at ...

Architecture as Landscape: 15 Terrain-Inspired Buildings

These skyscrapers, homes and city concepts eschew typical architectural silhouettes, taking inspiration from cliffs, mountains and hills to create artificial ...

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Photo Finished: 9 Snappy Camera-Shaped Buildings

Yo dawg, these 9 camera-shaped buildings allow you to take selfies with your camera in front of buildings built to look like cameras. Now say “cheesy”!

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Indestructable Cabin: Steel-Clad Apocalypse Home on Stilts

Steel shutters and sliding doors turn this award-winning lofted cabin into an ultra-secure shelter on demand, while stilts raise it up and help protect it from ...

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